Our Mission

The Patient Always Comes First

At Patient PAL, we are your tour guides, teachers, advocates and champions through the maze of the healthcare system. And that's not just a metaphor, it's what we do. When you start your healthcare journey, speak to a qualified Patient Advocate over the phone that holds your hand through the entire process. Our expert research and knowledge is built on decades of healthcare industry experience to make sure you are getting the right care, from the right people at the right price. Getting you quickly and efficiently from sickness to health.

From issues like In or Out-of-Network care to understanding your bill, we are with you every step of the way to ensure you're informed and making the right choices for your family members and employees.

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Experienced Leadership

Jack G. London, D.D. is the CEO and founder of PatientPAL.org.​

Since 1995 Patient PAL has become one of the nation’s leading patient advocacy services helping thousands of members across the country.​

Jack is a founding member of the first College of Pharmacy in Las Vegas and a member of the American Cancer society and former publicity board chairman for Habitat for Humanity.​

He and his wife Sherry are also involved with Convoy of Hope based in Springfield, Missouri PatientPAL.org LLC has two office locations.​

Their corporate office is in Las Vegas and their call center staffed with compassionate Nurse Advocates and located in Branson, Missouri.

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